I'm assuming you recieved this from a friend and sent it on, in turn, to your friends. I haven't known you long, and we've never talked about war, nor Israel's history, much less about the current war with Lebanon. Still, i feel that you are a person whom if you had you read this more carefully, or written it yourself, would have asked the question: "What is it we want Bush to support Israel in doing? Bombing Lebanon? Matching a death with a death, or instead with 10? Destroying a whole country, perhaps, in the name of fear, or "security", or retribution?

I am mostly ignorant of politics, of war, of the history and motivations of the Israeli and Lebanese people. But with what little i know i cannot, am not in support of most of Israel's political and military decisions, because i believe that the fear, hatred, and bigotry which so often informs them is hurting the Israeli people, is hurting all Jewish people, is harming the whole world.

I pray that our friends and family stay safe, and that soon enough we return to the everyday detente of economic (a less murderous kind of) warfare that passes for peace in our time. At least then we can talk, can see one another as human beings, can find a way to move forward.

Much love from Berkeley,
John Lubotsky

-August 11, 2006