Good folks, folks i've known, well-intentioned folks, and folks I love:

Clowns Not Bombs
The World Peace Clowns
Clowns Without Borders

Theo and everyone at The Campaign to Save Raw Milk in California
Californians for Pesticide Reform
Aharon Wheels Bolsta
Gabrielle Taylor of Hypercube Industries
Mia of Enterstellar Pig fame

Sara Moore
Runaway Circus
The gifted jewelry designer Díon Manley
Derek Wallace of Organic Reform
Wun Yip's photos, filmography, ideas, and beautiful design
Malkitzedek Meirasheit of Planet Coexist
Lisa Nessan
David and Pearl's simple technologies for land-integrated living
The Cascabel Hermitage Association
Michael Bedar at the Tree of Life


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